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What Is Skin Tightening?

Many patients seek a more youthful appearance. As your skin ages, skin quality is reduced and it becomes less elastic, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Volume loss in the face over time also contributes to the aged appearance. Although a person’s genetic makeup determines much about how their skin ages, other things such as smoking, regular or excessive exposure to the sun, or poor diet accelerate skin aging. Skin tightening is a popular method of reducing the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines, and for treating laxity or droopiness.

Treatment Options

A variety of methods may be used to tighten skin; each stimulates the skin to produce newer, younger looking skin and cause contraction, or tightening, of skin as well. Best results are seen with the surgical facelift, but many patients with to avoid the risks and hassles of surgery. Non-surgical options are available including: dermabrasion and chemical peels, however energy-based methods using radiofrequency (RF) or lasers are more effective.

Will It Work For Me?

Speak to your doctor about whether or not you are a good candidate for laser or radiofrequency (RF) treatments. A good device for skin tightening allows the user to adjust settings so that treatment may be customized for the individual patient’s needs, delivering the most energy safely to promote the desired effect. In some cases multiple treatments may be required.

How Comfortable Are Treatments?

Treatment comfort will vary depending on procedure, device used and personal tolerances. Lutronic devices are designed to maximize your comfort during treatment.

How Long Are Healing And Down Times?

Some laser or RF procedures offer little or no downtime. More intensive procedures have longer downtimes of 5-7 days.

Healing times can vary and depend on several factors, treatment, location, size of area treated, device used and individual. The Healite II can help to speed up the healing time of treatments. So be sure to ask your doctor if they have a Healite for your post procedure recovery. The most interesting thing to note about laser or RF procedures is that you will not only notice immediate improvements, but your body will continue to grow new collagen and you will see continued improvements over months.

Skin Laxity

skintight before after 001

Courtesy of Devrim Gursoy, MD, Turkey

Skin Tightening with eCO2

skintight before after 002

Courtesy of J. David Holcomb, MD, USA

Skin Tightenting with INFINI

skintight before after 003

Courtesy of Franco Lauro, MD, Italy

Upper Eyelid Treatment

skintight before after 004

Courtesy of Boncheol Leo Goo, MD, South Korea

Results You Can See

The INFINI has been clinically proven to increase collagen production in the skin helping to reduce wrinkles and resurface skin, for a smoother more refined you.

What Patients Are Saying

“I can see my skin condition getting better, and all the blemishes have dramatically improved. Addition to that, I believe my skin feels lifted and has more moisture than before.”
“I feel that my skin is clearer than ever before. Clearer skin gives me confidence even when I am not wearing any makeup at all. People often tell me my facial skin is so silky these days. I am very happy that I made the excellence choice for INFINI SFR treatment.”


eCO2 fractional laser system

  • Treatment settings can be easily adjusted to customize treatment to your specific needs, even if you have dark skin.
  • A special sensor fires the laser only when it's supposed to, which makes treatment easier for your doctor and safer for you.
  • Two different treatment modes help your doctor blend the treatment area with surrounding skin for a more natural appearance.
  • Doctors can choose between different cooling methods for maximum comfort during treatment.

INFINI microneedle fractional radiofrequency system

  • Treatment is safe for all skin types.
  • Risk of side effects is extremely low.
  • Gentle patented microneedles are precisely inserted for maximum comfort and best results.
  • Treatment settings can be easily adjusted to customize treatment to your specific needs.
  • Two different treatment modes allow your doctor to treat deeply or on the surface, or both depending on your needs.
*Individual results may vary.